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Mirabella textile started business in 1974 as a small family owned and operated company. With hard work and continuous progress, Mirabella Textile became one of the largest upholstery sales in Lebanon today. Currently can provide more than 200,000 m of fabric per year. Mirabella is presenting the best quality fabric by using advanced technology.

Letter From The CEO

Thank you for visiting MIRA BELLA TEXTILES and welcome to our website. As you can see we’re very proud of our company’s unique framework. Our team is fully committed to serving our clients and mindful of the trust that they have placed in us. Everything we do – every order, every delivery, every service, every offering – centers on the satisfaction of our customers, and making them more efficient at what they do. Fueled by a strong culture of teamwork, innovation and responsiveness, our professionals are focused, energized and ready to seize many opportunities that lie ahead of us.
Mazen El Mir


At Mira Bella, we believe that taking responsibility for people and the environment is a prerequisite for doing good business. Mira Bella works actively to reduce its impact on climate change and Mira Bella products must be produced under acceptable working conditions by suppliers that take responsibility for the environment.
Any company can produce a high quality product for a high price, or a low quality product for a low price. But none can produce high quality products at low prices, we develop methods which have, cost efficient and innovative. That is why Mira Bella vision is unique .

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Mira Bella works to ensure that products and materials are adapted to minimize any negative impact on the environment, and safe for customers According to Health perspective. As part of our business idea, we insist on keeping costs low and always try to use resources wisely when approaching our products.
The Mira Bella’s product range is wide in several ways. It’s wide in function: you’ll find everything you need to add style at home. By being coordinated, the range is wide in functional and stylish at the same time, at all times.whatever is your taste, all are provided. 

MIRABELLA, The Magic Of Fabrics.



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Textile is a flexible material consisting of a network of natural or artificial fibers ( yarn or thread ). yarn is produced by spinning raw fibers of wool , flax , cotton , or other material to produce long strands . textiles are formed by weaving , knitting , crocheting , knotting , or felting . textile refers to any material made of interlacing fibers. Fabric refers to any material made through weaving , knitting , spreading, crocheting , or bonding that may be used in production .

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Mohamad Karroum

Mohamad Karroum

Sales Manager
Ismail Abbas

Ismail Abbas

Public Relations
Raed Ghannoum

Raed Ghannoum

Sales Representative
Assma Turkmany

Assma Turkmany

Sales Representative


Kanaess Street, Tripolie – Lebanon.

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